Yoga is moving in the best way for you now.

We need movement to function optimally, and in yoga we move to strengthen, stretch, and balance. We learn to move effortlessly and mindfully, letting each action originate from our breath, our center, and the extension and flow of our spine. This helps counter the stresses from our daily repetitive motions and the effects of trauma, gravity, and aging. Moving from deep within and with kindness towards ourselves, we can find our inner stillness and release accumulated tensions in our nervous systems.

More than just exercise, yoga is a way of life including ethics, responsible living, posture and movement, breathing techniques, sense withdrawal, concentration, and meditation. Advanced yogi's may look like they're tying themselves up in knots, but that's never the goal– we tend to already be all wound up on the inside. When we move with awareness, yoga helps us unknot ourselves from the inside out and to calm our revved nervous systems. Standing on your head isn't important. Letting go painful habits, self-regulating, being content, well, and connected is. The ultimate goals of yoga are connection, wisdom, and happier living.

Many yoga postures are what we did originally as babies to strengthen muscles and learn to move, and are often named after animals with similar movement. Relearning to move in these ways is beneficial to healthy living and aging.

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Note: Please always breathe and move in ways that don't create pain or anxiety. Listen to your body, and consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions before doing exercises.

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