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Inspiration is the drawing of air into the lungs. It's also the act of feeling inspired and inspiring others. The word comes from the Latin "in spiritus," meaning to bring in spirit, and is often attributed to divine influence. The focus on breathing during yoga and meditation can lead to feelings of inspiration, partly because it promotes the strengthening of the corpus callosum, which connects the analytical left and creative right brain hemispheres.



According to the Tao te Ching, Shadow is the root of light, and we sometimes need to move through our inner darkness to reach towards our highest. When we try to ignore the shadow feelings, we block ourselves from feeling light, joyful, and loving. When we feel our emotions fully and explore their relation to our beliefs and thoughts, we begin to move beyond our pain, sorrow, shame, guilt, fear, worry, inadequacy. etc. Free, we can then open towards our inner peace and light.

Never Alone


Despite our highly populated world, we can sometimes feel alone, especially when we're going through difficulties. When we stop and notice, we can remember:

We're never alone. We are here together.



When we inhale, our diaphragm contracts downward and our intercostal muscles broaden our ribs, opening the space in our chest cavity and drawing air into the lungs. When we inhale deeply, the pH of the blood increases and becomes more basic, which signals to the amygdala (the emotional part of brain that senses danger) that we are safe. This leads to feelings of expansiveness and calm, and is one of the reasons that focusing on the breath is important to self-regulation, mindful movement, and peaceful living.



This thing we're all doing here: living, trying to be human, seeking happiness and freedom– it's not always easy. Still, we can stretch our hypothetical wings and reach to our highest as we provide for our physical needs and pursue our interests and goals. We progress as we let go fear and harness our courage, build our talents, and take one little movement at a time, with strength, in the best way for us now.

Be brave, you're probably more capable than you've imagined.



The world has never been so connected, what with the internet at our fingertips and ease of travel. Yet there's still so much fear and fighting, and many leaders worldwide working to instill division rather than bringing us together.

The more of us who practice calming and uniting ourselves, we can then look to appreciate diversity and to find our common humanity and solutions for a better world, building bridges rather than walls.



When we feel calm and connected we can align the many aspects of our lives so that what we say, what we think, what we feel, and what we do are in harmony. In sync, we grow into our most authentic selves.

Never be afraid to be you, to do what calls you: You're the only one who can do you exactly like you.



There are many ways, and each of us takes a unique path, winding through life making choices, letting some possibilities go while moving towards others. We'll never know what would have been had we gone another way, so we move mindfully, let our path unfold, adjust and make twists as needed, and relax and enjoy the journey.

Next time you're unsure of your path, allow yourself time to relax and be still so you can listen to and follow the wisdom of your gut, your heart, and your head. Once they're in agreement, time to trust and go.



Physics teaches that everything's made of quantum energy, and that everything vibrates at its particular frequency, which determines whether it's solid, liquid, sound, color, light, or something our human senses can't pick up on.

We each have our personal vibrational energy level, which is constantly changing with our thoughts, feelings, and physical state. We make an energetic space about 3 feet around us that resonates at our level, and we pick up energetic vibes from one another. That's why we feel happier around high energy, joyful people than with sad, angry, regretful, and frightened persons who lower the vibrational energy around them.

When you spend time in silence, stillness, and moving mindfully, you can become aware of and increase the vibrational energy that enlivens you and the space around you.



The sun doesn't reflect much off of a rough sea; light shines off still waters. When our minds and hearts are agitated, we can get dragged down into a spiraling state of negativity and low energy. When we stop and notice our thoughts and feelings, watch our breath, and move towards stilling our minds, then we begin to brighten our mood and lift our energy till we shine again.

Next time you're feeling down in any way, try bringing it attention. Noticing and asking "Hmmm? What's this?" is a great way to begin.



Practicing yoga and mindfulness helps us increase our ability to focus and be fully immersed in what we're doing instead of multi-tasking, rushing through things, and fretting on what's next. Present to what is now, we take all our awareness, thought, and energy to the person or task at hand.

One way to practice concentrating is to choose an object, like a flower, rock, or candle. Spend several minutes just looking at it with complete awareness, continually bringing all thoughts and attention just to the object at hand. Practice often and see if you can increase the amount of time before your mind wanders.

Root to Rise


The more deeply trees press their roots down into the earth, the more nourished, stronger, and taller a tree can reach for the sun.

In yoga, we engage our feet, hands, or seat into the mat and imagine our roots growing down into the earth. We draw energy in through these lines to sit and stand taller and stronger.

When things get feeling shaky and unsteady, you can press your feet down gently into the floor, or your hands onto the table or your thighs. Visualize your roots reaching down, breathe deeply, and feel yourself regaining strength.



Welcome to my musings. From time to time, I'll post some of my art work along with inspiration and mindful ways towards living joyfully, balanced, and well. I hope to spark positivity in you, and that you let that spark ignite positivity around you.

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