Andree Santini is an experienced yoga and meditation practitioner teaching yoga and mindfulness since 2009.

Having studied with many teachers, she draws from a variety of styles of yoga, movement, and neuroscience to individualize classes to the needs of the students, from youth to senior citizens. She encourages inquiry and awareness to help you honor how to best move now, to try new challenges as ready, and not to force yourself into any posture or to compete. Beginners learn first to breathe, then to move mindfully with ease, presence, and intention in ways that increase not only physical strength, flexibility, and balance, but also lead to a calm mind, open heart, and relaxation.

Experience and Education


Writing and Illustrating

Andree has taught trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness classes at Northampton County Prison and Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center through the Shanthi Project, as well as mindfulness classes at local elementary and middle schools, and the YMCA.

Also a musician, Andree provides music accompaniment for hers and others' classes. An artist and chemist with a BS in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Pre-Med, she has invented art products for children for over 25 years. She shares her passions of yoga, mindfulness, and creativity because she loves sparking kids of all ages (0-85+) to move from their deepest center, with mindfulness and positive imagination, towards joyful, balanced well-being.

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